3 step-by-step DIY guides to make metal art flowers

Here are a few simple steps on making your very own metal art flowers

Decorating a home is both a fun and costly endeavor. As a homemaker myself, I particularly enjoy elaborate flower arrangements on occasion. But at the same time, I make sure I don’t overindulge on the spending.

So I took it upon myself to go the creative route and create my own arrangements from scratch. Here’s the interesting part: every piece comes from various pieces of metal.

Yes, you read that right. And what if I told you that you too can create your own flower metal art?

If I’ve piqued your interest enough, read on through this article, and you can pick up some ideas you can use for your home.

Flower Metal Art #1: The Spoon Sunflower

Nothing spells “ingeniously creative” any better than a spoon flower. The concept is pretty self-explanatory. And while it entails a rather tedious process, it is still very easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Eight large spoons

• A welder

• A metal rod

• A hacksaw

• A ladle scoop

Step 1: Using the hacksaw, cut off the handles on the spoons and ladle scoop.

Step 2: Weld all the spoons together through the hacked off handles, as the clamp holds them all together in place. These will serve as the petals to your flowers.

Step 3: Begin assembling the flower structure by slightly bending each welded pair of spoons. Next, form each spoon into an asterisk shape, with another clamp at the center to hold everything in place. Finish it off by welding each spoon together at the center.

Step 4: Place the ladle scoop at the center of the spoon flower arrangement. This will serve as the disk floret the contain the seeds of the plant. Hold the spoons together at the center using the clamp and weld the scoop in.

Step 5: Finish off this project by welding the steel rod on the opposite side beneath the scoop. The rod becomes the stem of the flower, which you can then plant onto your lawn.


Flower Metal Art #2: Soda Can Roses

Another idea for flower metal art is a bouquet of roses made of soda cans. Similarly, this requires more of the effort. And if you’re a pack rat like myself, this shouldn’t be difficult to find around the house.

Here’s what you’ll need

• Protective gloves

• A couple of aluminum soda cans

• A utility knife

• A pair of scissors

• A pencil


Step 1: Using the knife, cut off the top and bottom of the cans to leave you with a can sleeve.

Step 2: Cut off one side of the can using the scissors, open the can and flatten it onto a surface. Do the same steps for the second piece of aluminum.

Step 3: Trace three 3 1/2-inch and two 2 ½-inch circles from the can sheets using the pencil and cut them off using the scissors. Stack them on top of each other, with the two smaller circles on top of the three larger ones.

Step 4: Crumple each side of both and form the petals of your roses. Use pictures for reference, if necessary.

Step 5: Decorate your soda can roses using acrylic paint. This step is completely optional, but I prefer mine to have a more colorful hue.


Flower Metal Art #3: Sheet Steel Tulips

Tulips are my favorite flowers, which also makes this variation a the best among all three (my biases aside).

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A 22-gauge steel sheet

• A couple of steel rods

• Safety goggles and gloves

• A couple of steel rods with threaded holes

• A drill

• A ball-pein hammer

• A hacksaw

• An anvil

• A blowtorch

• A screwdriver

• A pair of needle-nose pliers

• Scotch tape

• A pair of tin snips


Step 1: Design the petals of your tulips using paper cutouts, into elongated pieces. Place them on the steel sheet and trace using a scriber to make a three-petal piece. Mark drill holes on each end of the petal and lead, as well as on the center of the piece.

Step 2: Flatten out each sheet using the hammer and cut out each piece of petal using the tin snips. Be careful in handling the sharp edges and file them off using the pliers.

Step 3: Flatten the edges of each cut out piece further by lightly hammering them onto the anvil. Using the pliers, shape each piece into petals by bending each tip outward.

Step 4: Drill through the pre-marked holes and bolt the three-petal piece in. Hold everything in place with a screwdriver and slide the outside petals into the bolt.

Step 5: Add the finishing touches by flame-coloring the petals using the blowtorch.

So there you have it, some DIY ideas on making your own metal art flowers. Some of these may be labor-intensive, but the results are definitely satisfying. Try them out yourselves!



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