5 expert tips on choosing wall art for your home decor

Ask any interior designer about home décor tips, and one of the most significant pieces of advice they would give you is about choosing the right wall art. Ideally, this piece should capture the personality of the home’s inhabitants, whether it’s a single man in a bachelor’s pad or a house for a family of four.

Sure, there is no specific rule set in terms of decorating, which gives you a wide array of choices and ideas to work with. But to add some symmetry and a particular character to your home, here are five decorating tips to consider, according to experts themselves.

Embellish the bedroom with soothing pieces

If you happen to have large-scale pieces lying around your home, the bedroom is the best place to hang it up in. Designers advise to put them either above the bed or on its opposite side, as long as it is the room’s centerpiece.

Most importantly, the said piece of art should evoke rest and relaxation like landscapes, ideally with a soothing color like blue or green. The focus should also be on the artwork primarily, so it’s also best to stick to simple framings like gallery frames or just the canvas itself.

So for the bedroom, you can go for an image of a misty mountain, instead of your favorite civil war artwork.

Brighten up the kids’ room with fun wall art

Most children may not have a deep appreciation for the intricacies of art just yet, but a simple, fun piece on their walls will still make a world of difference to them. It helps sets the mood and tone of the room, which will resonate with them.

Pick out pieces with brighter hues and simple shapes like cartoons or drawings. You can even go for inspirational quotes or one-liners to use as motivation for them.

Ideally, kids’ rooms should have a more light-hearted vibe to give them more of a feeling of recreation and leisure.

Home offices should evoke inspiration

The home office is a significant room in the house since this is likely the place you will spend a lot of time taking care of essential matters. That said, it should be a room that inspires you do get something done.

Pick out pieces you can draw inspiration from, like your favorite city or vacation destination. Also, arrange them in such a minimalist way to avoid any clutter that can serve as some form of distraction as you work.

Most of all, be creative. Make use of different-sized paintings to denote some diversity and character.

Keep it simple in the kitchen

Similar to the home office, the kitchen is one of the most utilized sections of the home. That said, it shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of artwork, as many people may do.

But when it comes to kitchen art, simplicity is key. Smaller pieces are a better fit instead of bigger ones to avoid overwhelming the eyes.

Just like the kids’ room, keep things light-hearted in the kitchen, and this is the place where your quote paintings or utensil art pieces would fit best.

Let your imagination run wild in the living room

The living room could be the most enjoyable section of the home to decorate, primarily because there are minimal limitations when doing so. This is the place where you can let your imagination run spontaneously.

Whether it’s a katana you purchased in Tokyo, sports medals, or your favorite Marilyn Monroe painting, feel free to embellish away. Since this is the room where you entertain guests, such exciting pieces can be great conversation starters.

The key to decorating the living room is to bring out your character. Add your personal touch by making use of artwork and pieces that reflect who you are the most.

The bottom line

Choosing wall art for your home décor work shouldn’t be as complicated as you may perceive. Think of it more like an investment, since these pieces can stay with you if you choose to, no matter where you go are as you move from one home to another.


It doesn’t have to be a pricey pick, either, as long as it holds a significant value for you. If you’re a painter or photographer, this is also where you can let your work shine for others to see.

Hopefully, these tips are able to help you select your wall art. Make sure to check out out wall art collection.

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