Home Decor 101: Stylizing With Mirrors

Apart from its use to check yourself out, mirrors are commonly used by interior decorators to stylize a home. Some use it as a centerpiece, while others use it as a medium to brighten up a room. It is a significant game-changer which you too can utilize for your own space.

When it comes to mirror decorating, it’s all about strategy. Placing it in a particular spot can make a huge difference, and if you do it right, mirrors can be a major enhancement without too much effort or resources.

If you happen to be interested in this particular decorating style or you want to know more, read through this article to find out more.

Brightening up a room

I did mention how mirrors can help brighten up a room in a significant way. It substantially increases the light sources of a particular space, especially if the place itself is already bright enough, to begin with.

But to enhance the natural light of your room, position the mirrors either next to a window or on the opposite end. Doing this helps trap the sunlight from outside, no matter how bright or cloudy it is.

If you don’t have too much natural light coming into the room, place the mirror next to a lamp or any light source. These may be minor adjustments, but you will see significant results.

Using mirrors as a centerpiece

Mirrors can also serve as an excellent focal point for any space. It is an effective strategy to determine the center of the room and position each of the pieces of furniture in a certain way.

When it comes to using mirrors as a centerpiece, the bigger, the better. If your home has a fireplace, putting a mirror right on top of it would be an excellent way to start.

Making a long hallway more vibrant

A long hallway in a house can turn out to be dull and empty. In some homes, it can even be a bit creepy, especially if there is minimal lighting in this particular section.

Mirrors along hallways provide a welcome distraction for guests as they walk through that barren portion of your home. It can also add brightness to lessen that dull, sometimes eerie vibe that you may see in haunted houses.

Large mirrors are the way to go for this particular purpose, but puzzle mirrors or mirror vignettes work equally well.

Livening up the entrance

Just like how a hallway needs some refreshing, your home’s entry could use the same treatment. It is also the first area of the house that guests see, and it would be nice to create a strong first impression to make them feel more at ease.

Placing a mirror by the entryway helps brighten it up significantly. You can go a step further by adding a centerpiece on top of a table, may it be a sculpture or a flower vase.  

Making your space look bigger

While there are a few who find comfort in tiny houses, there are others who feel cramped in smaller spaces. For some people, a 250-square foot apartment can be an instant trigger for mild case claustrophobia.

In the same way with how mirrors brighten up a room, by enhancing artificial and natural light, it creates the illusion of a bigger space by reflecting the light deep into the room. Placing it above glass tabletops also creates an image of a bigger, more open space.

Using mirrors as wall art

Mirrors in itself are also a great way to serve as some form of wall art for any room. It can do a lot for the overall aesthetic value of the space, as it corresponds to the other elements like the furniture and other embellishments.

Make use of more sophisticated frames for this particular purpose. Similarly, you can also put up mirrors of different shapes and sizes to add a touch of creativity and variety to the room.

These simple mirror hacks are a good way to decorate and enhance your home in many different ways. Not only are they relatively more affordable, but it also allows you to explore your creativity a little bit.

Try out these tips and see for yourself how much of a difference a few mirror arrangements can make. Make sure to check out our Mirrors collection.

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