Home Moving 101: How to Pack House Ornaments

So you’re about to move into your new home, and you and the wife are ecstatic about it. At long last, you’ll finally get to experience the humble abode you built from the ground up.

Sure, these are exciting times for anybody moving into their new space. So much so that many briefly forget about the tedious yet essential task of packing up the existing items to bring along.

In this article, I’ll be specifically focusing on tips about packing ornaments, many of which are specific to an area in the home. A number of these decorations are likely handcrafted and hold a sentimental value, which means they need proper handling.




It is understandable to have a sentimental attachment to some of these ornaments, particularly those that were built from scratch and have gone through the test of time. But if you’ve managed to collect and hoard way too much than what is appropriate, then that could be a problem.


So make sure only to pick out the essentials to bring along. Save yourself from that hassle of lugging all of that clutter, only to have them collect more dust in your new home.


Dust them off

New homes mean new beginnings, which also means starting with a clean slate. In this case, a spotless, dustless one.

Before you begin with the packing process, make sure you’ve tidied up your ornaments from all of that dirt and grime they have accumulated. You wouldn’t want to bring all of that old filth along into the new home, now, would you?

Any soft cloth will do for this gentle and straightforward wiping process. Feel free to dampen it a bit for in cases of thicker soot accumulation.  

Arrange ornaments according to room

House ornaments belong to a specific area of the home. Some serve as embellishments for the office, while others are the quirky adornments for the living room and kitchen. Especially if you love collecting these items, you are filling up your moving box.

To make things easier for you once you’ve settled in, pre-arrange these house ornaments according to which room they belong. Group the smaller items separately from, the larger ones to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Wrap each item ornament one-by-one

Wrapping every single item one-by-one may be a dull and lengthy chore, but is another anti-breakage step to take. First and foremost, avoid using old newspapers to prevent the printed ink from staining your ornaments.

In this case, packing papers are the way to go, and the traditional ones can work fine with the less fragile items. The delicate pieces, however, require extra layers of bubble wrap, packing paper and moving paper for easier labeling, as well.

Remember not to skimp on the fragile items. You wouldn’t want your antique Christmas balls turned into shattered pieces upon taking it out from the moving truck.  

Pack everything tightly

I cannot sufficiently stress the importance of keeping every single house ornament tightly packed and snug. No matter how many ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ stickers you may place, there is no assurance for the treatment (or lack thereof) of your valuable items during moving day.

In this particular case, packing paper is once again, your best friend. Stuff all voids you see with packing paper until no space is left.

After which, you can then relieve yourself from any worries about sudden breakages.

Remember to not over pack

While I did mention the importance of tight packing, it is also essential to not go overboard. Packing in too much stuff into a box will make it more difficult when unpacking time comes, and again, this is where most unexpected breakages happen.

When dealing with the moving boxes, make sure to an additional layer of paper inside to act as a cushion for the ornaments. You can go with your stack of old newspapers for this one and rid your home from that extra clutter.

Label accordingly

This is another one of the essential steps in this list. Just like how it is with packing, placing the proper labels will make your life a lot easier when the time comes to unbox them into your new home.

Labeling the fragile items goes without saying, but if you can, tag each one according to which section of the new house they should be in.  


Make your house a home with a new ornament


You have moved in and now its time to make your mark on your new house. What better way than with an ornament that symbolizes this important milestone in your life. 

Here are our top choices for turning a house into a home:

1. Wall Art

2. Metal Art

3. Wood Art

4. Ornaments


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